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Why drink Zonar?

Why MilkSerum and not simple milk?

  • A lot of studies exist made by world-renowned organisations and institutions which say it as clear as possible: milk (cow's milk too) is bad for humans.
  • You could say - "Preposterous! How can cow's milk be bad for humans? Are you out of your mind? Are those scientists mad?"
  • Well, that's the way it is! Milk in it's natural form is not good sustinence for a person, especially because of casein, a milk protein which, among others, gives the white color of the milk.
  • The problem with this protein is that it's a super-protein. It's effect upon the persons consuming it is way too concentrated and it overdevelops us as individuals. Especially when our physical effort levels are minimal.
  • Zonar MilkSerum resolves this problem by reducing the presense of casein towards 0.5%. The drink which is obtained this way is the best nutrient on the planet in terms of adequacy for the human organism.

Soon, people will consume MilkSerum on a daily basis, and will give up milk. Not because we want it that way, but because this sustinence means true nutritional health.
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The 21 day cure

What are the benefits of the exclusively MilkSerum cure?

  • 1Restores the organism's vitamin and essential compound balance
  • 2Stimulates the cellular absorbtion and use of calcium and magnesium
  • 3Improves the cognitive function
  • 4Regulates sleep and the circadian rhythm
  • 5Stimulates cellular and tissue regeneration
  • 6Increases the volume and the functionality of the scheletal musculature
  • 7Detoxifies and restores the homeostasis parameters
  • 8Increases the peristaltic function of the segments of the digestive tract
  • 9Regulates intestinal transit and digestion
  • 10Stimulates the Hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis, increasing the libido
  • 11Contributes to the conservation of the homeostatis and of the health condition
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Zonar is made to order

The last day when you can order is Monday (4PM), in which case you will receive your package on the next Wednesday, and you can start the health cure on Thursday.

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This work was supported by a grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation, CNCS/CCCDI – UEFISCDI, project number PN-III-P2-2.1-BG-2016-0335, within PNCDI III.

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