The 21 day cure

This is not a diet or some weight loss or detox cure. The Zonar Health Cure is a cure during which you will only consume Primary sustenance, a product similar to mother's milk. It is assimilated by the body just as perfectly, and at maturity it causes profound equilibrium and adjustments at the whole organism's level: from correct vitaminisation to detoxification, from the regulation of the GI tract to the cleaning of the lymph system.

Zonar is a MilkSerum which (again, like mother's milk) has a rich content of essential aminoacids, proteins with a role in the synthesis of glutathione - a very special intracellular antioxidant.

Primary sustenance

Is the type of food that the body can recognize as "special", and can process it perfectly, straight from the small intestine, without setting off the entire "normal" digestive system (stomach, liver, pancreas, bile), without releasing complete gastric juices, leaving many of the main organs to rest and "autorepair".

There are 3 "primary foods" in the world, to which the body reacts with "hey, this is the perfect food, so I don't have to tell the bile, the liver and the spleen to prepare juices, because they are not needed". The best is colostrum, then mother's milk, then the MilkSerum extracted from cow's milk (not goat or buffalo). MilkSerum and not whey - between them there are small, but significant differences.

Zonar is the first MilkSerum extracted from cow's milk in its pure, natural state.

Why does the body act differently when it is fed exclusively Primary sustenance (MilkSerum)?

In layman's terms, in the first weeks of life, the body of newborns is not 100% perpared for digestion. That is why we don't feed french fries, vegetable soup or broccoli piure to newborns. We all know that this would be something ABNORMAL, and yet, at maturity, when we hear of exclusive primary sustenance, most of us roll our eyes and shout that "it's abnormal" or "aberrations".

Because physically, for babies it is impossible to "manage" complicated food, a setting exists in the body that allows them (and us) to develop only with primary sustenance: colostrum and mother's milk. The body can extract everything it needs from mother's milk (even if for example the bile is not completely developed).

Conclusion: this setting is kept to maturity. Even if we are grown-ups, our body knows how to and can function perfectly only with primary sustenance (in this case LactoSerum).

Why 21 days?

It is our recommendation. It is not mandatory.

Obligatory is the 7 day period – operationally it's not worth it to sell less than 7 days' worth of product. (given that the product is made to order, the shipping, etc). Thus, indifferent from your daily consumption (3, 4 or 5 liters per day), you will receive a Weekly Package.

21 days

Getting past the physiological part of cellular cycles and refreshing of the lymph fluid, the best reason for keeping up the Zonar Health Cure for 21 days (exclusively primary sustenance), is that after the first 1000 experiences, people have had the best improvements in blood and urine tests. (We recommend getting a set of tests when starting the cure and another set on the last day of the cure.)

You want to keep the cure for only 7 days? Perfect.

You want to keep the cure for more? Perfect. The record is 200 days of consuming Zonar exclusivly (documented).

Benefits of the 21 day cure