Zonar's magus and secret

The secret of Zonar is kept within the Decebal, Satu Mare factory since 1997. The primary practices of Zonar's production have been passed down from generation to generation since a few hundred years.

The modernisation of Zonar's processing

The modernisation of Zonar's production has been at the highest standards since 2009, year in which the milk factory has been inaugurated.

Zonar's magus

Nomatter how many modern ways appear for treating illnesses, the healthiest solutions are the natural ones. Zonar's magus, Gabriel Iuga is a promoter of health with the aid of nature.

Qualified in zootechnics, agriculture, hydraulic technics & hydrotechnics, he managed to keep the essence of the ancestral recipe, and perfected it using modern mechanical techniques, to create a product with a higher degree of purity.

Why is Zonar's secret not a simple old cure?

Gabriel Iuga had the chance to gain valuable years of experience in building factories from Switzerland, learning lots of quality details about latest generation modernization elements in the town of Bischofszell. Al this experience has been intertwined with the knowledge gained from his grandmother, thus resulting the production of Zonar in an extremly clean environment, having at the same time increased the efficiency of the product's processing.