About Iuga's whey from Satu Mare

We would like to say that we are known country-wide, that who hasn't heard of Zonar yet "should get out more", but we have to admit that we are a young company.

This does not mean that Zonar is a young product, but on the contrary, it is one of the oldest remedies in the world. The novelty and the innovation is in the final product and especially in the way it's obtained.

Other wheys are just a shadow compared to Zonar

Hundreds of studies exits which talk about "whey protein". Medical, scientific and academic studies which state and prove how fantastic this protein is.

What you need to know is that these studies have dry substance as a subject. What is the problem with dry substance? If undergoes some chemical processes to become this way. What we mean to say is that at this moment in the world, most of the time, this dry substance is used, or a liquid variant, which is this same powder dissolved and pasteurised.

Zonar is the first milk extract in the world in which the MilkSerum is kept in its absolute natural state. A living, raw and safe product from an alimentary point of view.

We don't intervene chemically or thermically, because it is not needed. Because only this way we can have access to all the benefits of a 100% natural product (100% natural are also a lot of chemical products on the market).

If the dry variant (the chemical one) does so much, imagine how powerful Zonar is, its purely natural state.

Zonar has all the "pickles" of a fresh, raw and natural product:

  • It is very sensitive to temperature – you don't take care of it (store it only between 2-4 degrees Celsius)? It will spoil. Moreover, it has to be consumed in at most 6 hours after opening the bottle.
  • It's quarrelsome – you don't respect the exclusive MilkSerum diet during the cure? Zonar will fight with the other badly associated foods.
  • It has its own law – it will do its job in your body and will need to respect its schedule (eg. waking up at 6am is not optional - you don't do it, you suffer the consequenses)


We won't ask you if you want Zonar

We will tell you about the benefits, methods, cures, we will inform you regarding the reasons for which Zonar is the perfect solution for your health.

We won't court you! We will not negotiate the terms of a Cure. The laws of Zonar are strict. We did not invent them, just like we did not invent MilkSerum. And again, we did not invent the way we can obtain it without altering the final product.

A lot of people try to find confortable solutions. Zonar is not one of them.

  • „Can't I eat some eggs? I need them because otherwise I can't function.”
    Answer: No, madam. Exclusively Zonar.
  • „Can't I have a coffe? I can't live without coffee.”
    Answer: No, sir. Exclusively Zonar.
  • „Can't I have a beer with the guys? I do have a social life.” Answer: No, friend. Exclusively Zonar.
  • „Come on people, can't I even drink water???” Answer: No! What don't you understand? Exclusively Zonar.

What do you actually want?

Do you want the solution to your problems or do you like to negotiate your own health?
We are not the appropriate persons to negotiate the way Zonar works. Maybe you should try higher up, at the superior forums.