Zonar versus simple whey

Zonar ≠ Whey

Zonar has been discovered respecting the primary steps gifted by nature for our body to function as it was designed from the moment of Creation.

Zonar is a symbol of respect towards what has been given to us, from the point of view of the body and the soul. Even after many thousands of years, this body-soul relationship cannot be dismantled. A healty person has the necessary conditions to become happy. Just like, on the opposite side, a person who is ill is enveloped by a permanent negativism, or by a hyper-euphoria (in the case of the terminally ill). If we were to create a metaphor, we could say that:

A "trash-wine" is the same as an aged collection wine, ignoring the process, the care for ingredients and tens of other technical details related to fabrication and storage.
A carnation is like an orchid, because they are both flowers, brutally ignoring the beauty and sensitivity of the second one and the volume of care invested in cultivating it.
Zonar heals the soul because it creates that initial natural state between the body and the mind.

Zonar uses whey as its base, which helps deliver a special complex of vitamins, minerals and a lot of "non-minerals".

All of these are obtained by using a method that has been passed down from generation to generation, from some hundreds of years ago, a method that has been drastically improved by today's technical possibilities.

Zonar does not need the liver or the pancreas to be assimilated by the organism, it gets completely absorbed by the small intestine.

This way, Zonar's elements find their place in the blood flow and lymphatic circulation. Because of the complexity and the amount of the essential elements found in Zonar, it could almost be in our right to say that this nourishment has been gifted to us by nature, because it is not possible to replicate it in a scientific medium.

Zonar is a MilkSerum

Zonar is a superior wholesome MilkSerum, but we can't compare it with anything that is already on the market, either in the form of a "whey drink" or "whey powder".

From a nutritional point of view, Zonar offers the whole spectrum of elements that are needed for the body to function in ideal parameters. From a technical and practical standpoint (we have hundreds of cases of volunteers who kept Zonar cures), a person can have a normal life up to 150 days drinking only Zonar.

Almost every imbalance stops its evolution after 60-90 days of drinking Zonar (liquid deproteinized sustinence). Why? Because Zonar. Because our mind and body can do this. Not through magic, or through faith in the product, but because of the fact that our creator gave us this power: to reestablish the balance through simple vegetative mechanisms, in the context of perfect nourishment.