Frequently Asked Questions

    Introductory terms

  1. What does "Primary Sustinence" mean?
  2. What does Zonar taste like?
  3. Does Zonar use a premium source of milk?
  4. How does Zonar act upon the organism?
  5. Commercial

  6. How much does Zonar cost?
  7. Where can we buy Zonar?
  8. How do you ship the package and what does it weigh?
  9. Why do you use cow's milk if you say that milk is bad?
  10. Can pregnant women consume Zonar?
  11. I take medication and vitamins. Can I drink Zonar?
  12. Is Zonar good to drink while doing sports?
  13. The health cure

  14. Why is the Zonar Health Cure 21 days?
  15. What happens if I eat during the cure?
  16. Is it mandatory that we wake up at 6AM?
  17. What's the deal with the morning buccal hygiene using sunflower seed oil?
  18. Does it have to be sunflower oil?
  19. Can I brush my teeth normally in the morning? (with a toothbrush and toothpaste)
  20. Why does Zonar need to be heated before consumption?
  21. If we heat Zonar, does it lose it's curative properties?
  22. Why is even bottled water inappropriate?
  23. Why can I consume only honey but not other foods?
  24. Do we have to warm it up only in the morning, or every time before consumption?

What does "Primary Sustinence" mean?

The human body has been designed superbly

For example, at birth the bile is not functional (it develops at about 2 months of age) - their body has to digest without it. This is where the concept of "primary sustinence" comes from, sustinence which the body can recognize and process perfectly (take a newborn for example, who, from mother's milk gets exactly what it needs to grow and develop), without bile or the gastric juices which help with digestion.

There are 3 "primary foods" in the world, to which the body reacts with "hey, this is the perfect food, so I don't have to tell the bile, the liver and the spleen to prepare juices, because they are not needed". The best is colostrum, then mother's milk, then the MilkSerum extracted from cow's milk (not goat or buffalo). MilkSerum and not whey - between them there are small, but significant differences.

It's not possible to source enough mother's milk to consume at maturity, because the rule is that for every 20 kg of body mass we should consume 1 liter of primary sustinence.

What does Zonar taste like?

Like milk.

It has a more intens milk taste than a comercially available pasteurised milk, but not more intense than farm-fresh raw milk.

Does Zonar use a premium source of milk?

One of the reasons for only allowing pre-payment (no cash-on-delivery) is this: the quality of the milk is above premium. We cannot produce Zonar with milk that does not respect the entire control process: "pedigree" animals (cows costing in excess of 15k - genetically healthy, untreated with antibiotics etc), the strict control of their food source and their feeding (hill pastures have been unsafe for a long time now), control over their milking and processing of the milk - this is why nobody from Romania can supply us with the milk that wee need (make, produce or manage).

We are obligated to order it from Hungary from a company that can respect everything. We need milk that is very "clean" for Zonar to stay unspoiled for 10 days, because we need it to stay this way without pasteurizing it and without using conservation agents.

The price also reflects the volume of milk needed. For 1 liter of MilkSerum we need to process 3 liters of "mega" premium milk.

How does Zonar act upon the organism?

In short: for 21 days, at maturity (now), you will eat/drink whatever a newborn eats in their first months of life - primary sustenance - not mother's milk, but MilkSerum

Your body will enter a state which will pause the normal digestive system (if you tell it to by waking up at 6am - subject is detailed elsewhere). It will tell the liver to stay calm, to not instruct the bile and pancreas to do their jobs, to take a vacation; the stomach won't process anything, because it doesn't have what to process, and the regular gastric juices are not emitted.

Zonar is designed to reach the smal intestine, and from there, more efficiently, everywhere (by means of a sort of digestion), with EXACTLY what the organism needs to RE-ALIGN.

Read on the internet about how beneficial and important small-intestine level digestion is.

Besides this digestive relaxation, Zonar will feed the cells in the organism with the best natural immunostimulant elements. Please meed these 5 magnificent elements:

  1. alpha-lactoglobulin
  2. β-lactalbumin
  3. glycocortico peptide peptone protease 3
  4. serum albumin
  5. imunoglobulin

If you broke your tongue trying to pronounce their names, we will also tell you that these 5 proteins trigger an entire repair process that must last 21 days.

How much does Zonar cost?

The unit price (per liter) excluding shipping is 12,65 lei.
The unit price (per liter) including shipping is 16 lei.
The difference is the shipping cost and the isothermic boxes.

Thus, the Weekly Package (minimum order) costs:

A complete 21 day cure (our recommendation) costs:

Deliveries are made on a weekly basis because Zonar is a freshly produced product - has a best before date of 10 days, stored at 2-4° Celsius.

Deliveries arrive on Wednesdays, if the order is placed before Monday (4PM).
All payments are made in advance for every Weekly Package separately.
Please note, that for deliveries outside Romania additional shipping costs may incur.

Where can we buy Zonar?

Online, from this website, or from the factory (near Satu Mare). Retail stores cannot manage the product safely. We prefer to be available to less customers, but the ones doing the Zonar Health Cure to get the product that they need properly.

How do you ship the package and what does it weigh?

Within Romania the shipper we use is Nemo Express. For outside orders, custom shippers are queried for a quote and you will be contacted to accept it.

The entire package weighs 25kg. The packaging is 3.5 kg and the product is 21.5 kg

For the 28 and 35 liter Weekly Packages two boxes are sent.

Why do you use cow's milk if you say that milk is bad?

The problem with cow's milk (in its natural state) is casein - which is a super-protein. Anatomy-wise, the human body has not been created to digest this protein, nor to assimilate it properly. In time (the last 10.000 years) the digestive system has adapted to allow us to partially digest it, but not adequately. See The China Study - it talks in detail about how bad milk consumption is for people. Well, MilkSerum is the variant in which casein has been removed in a proportion of 95%. Let's just mention that cancer type diseases love casein? They bloom if it is present in the organism.

In short: nothing is added. We remove what is needed in a way that the MilkSerum is recognized as primary sustenance. The only alternatives to Zonar are colostrum and human mother's milk. We don't have access to such things at maturity - plus we would require larger quantities (1 liter per 20kgs of body weight)

Can pregnant women consume Zonar?

The exclusive Zonar cure is allowed in special situations. The recommended consumption amount is:
During pregnancy months 0-5: 1 or 2 cups per day (about 500 ml);
During pregnancy months 5-9: 1 liter per day.
Before birth, the mother's milk can be seeded with the special Zonar Baby product, and after birth it can be given to the child, a quantity of about 20-50ml, for a duration of 3 days. If this procedure is completed, between 23:00 and 06:00 (during the night), breastfeeding is not necessary. You should test the taste and coagulation of the mother's milk, and if this isn't suitable, it has to be corrected. During the ideal breastfeeding period (at least 3 months / at most 6-8 months), any administration of medication disturbs the bacterial balance of the milk, and to remediate this, the same procedure can be applied: Zonar Baby, 200ml/day for the mother and 100ml/day for the child, for a duration of 3 days, after which you can re-test the coagulation and the taste.
Biologically, the mother produces quality milk for a period of 6-8 months after birth. Of course, there are exceptions, but if you like the taste, so will your child.

I take medication and vitamins. Can I drink Zonar?

Yes you can. Zonar does not contraindicated with any medication. Even more, the substance which it stimulates (an intracellular antioxidant) will help their fixation. Plus Zonar, as a MilkSerum, has a lot of electrolytes and vitamins.

Is Zonar good to drink while doing sports?

While doing sports, yes. Just don't have extenuating sport rounds during the cure.

Why is the Zonar Health Cure 21 days?

Aceasta este recomandarea noastra. Nu e obligatorie.

Obligatory is the 7 day period – operationally it's not worth it to sell less than 7 days' worth of product. (given that the product is made to order, the shipping, etc). Thus, indifferent from your daily consumption (3, 4 or 5 liters per day), you will receive a Weekly Package.

After 21 days we noticed the most improvements

Not after 15 days, not after 17 days.

Getting past the physiological part of cellular cycles and refreshing of the lymph fluid, the best reason for keeping up the Zonar Health Cure for 21 days (exclusively primary sustenance), is that people have had the best improvements in blood and urine tests. (We recommend getting a set of tests when starting the cure and another set on the last day of the cure.)

You want to keep the cure for only 7 days? Perfect.

You want to keep the cure for more? Perfect. The record is 200 days of consuming Zonar exclusively (documented).

What happens if I eat during the cure?

If you are NOT doing the Cure

Nothing will happen if you eat regular food and Zonar too. If you have a prophylactic attitude, then it is recommended to replace a meal or a snack if you respect a 2 hour break before/after Zonar (at least 500ml/day). It is recommended to omit regular cow's milk from your diet. MilkSerum made from cow's milk does not have casein in quantities that are harmful for the human organism.

If you are doing the cure

If you are doing the cure and you are trying to get away with a snack - then things are a bit more painful. Because if the body reaches its "primary sustinence" phase, then it will be in conflict with the snack you give it. Abdominal pain is a possibility due to the flow of the bile. This happens you have to make a sodium bicarbonate cocktail and drink it quickly to cancel out the gastric juices. (300 ml of distilled water, a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, a squeezed lemon - chug it down entirely).

Is it mandatory that we wake up at 6AM?


Every organ has its own alarm clock. From the Creator, from the software that we come with. Doesn't matter. The liver is that one that wakes up at 6. We're sorry, but if you don't wake up to take your first dose of Zonar at this hour, the liver will prepare the body for solid food and you will get out of your "primary sustinence" state, and it's not good to do this. The bile will flow, it will have nothing to do but foam up, arrive in the small intestine, where it will be "angry", it arrives at the gallbladder where it will cause pain and disturbances. When this happens you have to cancel out the juices with a sodium bicarbonate drink (distilled water, a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and lemon, drank all at once).

If you think your body can handle it, then don't wake up. What can we say?

What's the deal with the morning buccal hygiene using sunflower seed oil?

The bacteria gathered in your mouth during the night have to be eliminated efficiently, and brushing does not do a proper enough job. Oil is the only substance that can efficiently and "in depth" gather these bacteria which you will spit out. The process has to take about 5 minutes. After spitting out the bacteria collector oil, rinse your mouth with 200 ml of lukewarm water (a cup of tea's worth), in which you have dissolved a teaspoon of regular salt. Why? The salt will balance the PH level within your mouth.

Is this the "oil pulling" method?

It has to do with the "oil pulling" method as a working principle. The major differences are the invested time and the purpose. We use the oil for about 4-5 minutes to "harvest" the overnight mouth bacteria in an efficient way. With "oil pulling", the operation takes 20 minutes and the action is at the level of the toungue and the salivary glands. Don't forget that the "oil part" has to be followed by that "salt water" part, to balance the PH level..

Does it have to be sunflower oil?

No. The oil can be olive oil, sesame seed oil, or sunflower oil. All are appropriate.

Can I brush my teeth normally in the morning? (with a toothbrush and toothpaste)

For the first time, at 6AM, NO - don't brush your teeth in the classic way (with a toothbrush and toothpaste). After 8-9AM, you can.

Why does Zonar need to be heated before consumption?

Important: it has to be heated in a hot water bath and a heat resistant glass, left in for 8-10 minutes..


Place the Zonar bottle under the hot water tap.

It is important that the morning dose is warmed up to 37°C (the temperature of the human body). At 6AM, when the liver's biorhythm tells it to: "get ready for the day's hard digestion" - the brain, when it will detect Zonar (37°C, the temperature of mother's milk, is another clue that it's primary sustinence, aside from the composition) - will "calm the liver down", put it in back into "vacation mode"

During the day, Zonar has to be warmed up to at least 20-30°C (if it's not possible to warm it up to 37°C because of work or lack of time), for the same reason. Plus it's not right to make your body consume extra energy to warm Zonar up. Zonar arrives rapidly in the intestine and it's important that the intestine also recognizes it as primary sustenance and not as rejects. If you drink it cold, you eliminate it almost instantaneously as liquid stool. The point is for it to be eliminated as much as possible through urine (a more complete circuit).

If we heat Zonar, does it lose it's curative properties?

No, the temperature at which it loses it's properties is the pasteurisation temperature - 72 degrees Celsius.

Why is even bottled water inappropriate?

At the time of the 21 Day Health Cure the body needs to consume Zonar exclusively. No coffee, no fruit, no anything, not even still water.

In extreme cases (if Zonar is not available), demineralised/distilled water shall be consumed.

Getting back to the question - bottled still water contains minerals and salts - these can involuntarily trigger the process of digestion for regular food.

The Zonar health cure implies that the organism understood that it's "on" primary sustinence, sustinence that only needs to be digested in the small intestine.

Why can I consume only honey but not other foods?

The honey is for the headaches, so your head doesn't hurt because of the low blood sugar level. Even honey should not be consumed, but because we assume it's natural, it will do what we need it to do, which is to raise the blood sugar level, to stop your headache.

Do we have to warm it up only in the morning, or every time before consumption?

Every time. In the morning to 37 degrees C, the temperature of the body. The rest of the day to at least 20-25 degrees C. Warm it up in a heated water bath, not in the microwave oven.


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