How does Zonar help control your body weight?

How does Zonar help control your body weight?

Even though it's one of the secondary benefits, the majority of persons who start the Zonar Health Cure wish to lose weight.

The Zonar Health Cure is not a weight loss diet

There are high chances that you will lose up to 15% of your body weight, but our recommendation is that your decision should not be based on this wish. Decide to follow the Cure to do something proactive about your health, and even if you lose weight, this will be a bonus.

Why do you lose weight when you only consume Zonar?

Even though your calorie intake will be less during the Zonar Cure, you will not feel hunger. The product contains 300 de kcal/1000 ml, this means that a person consuming 4 liters per day will have an intake of "only" 1200 kcal. Mathematically this sounds like very little, but physically you will not feel hunger or weakness, but you will have more energy than in days when you consume normal food.

Concretely, we are offering you two scientific reasons why Zonar MilkSerum will give you a state of physical and mental well-being:

  1. Zonar contains a high quality mix of proteins and a rich mixture of vitamins which stimulate the cells to regenerate and inhibits the fat cells from multiplying.
  2. Zonar offers the benefit of CALORIC RESTRICTION - it plays a main role in the secretion and the action of hormones, intra-cellular "signaling", and the regulation and the transcription of the genome - yes, it really goes that deep.

How does it work?

Zonar sends the body satiety signals, acting on an intracellular level upon the brain's idea of hunger, on long term and short term. In other words, because the body receives "good" sustinence, it will tell the brain that everything is OK in this chapter. This doesn't mean that you won't have other cravings (this is another story), but it means that you won't feel hunger.

Zonar te ajută să nu-ţi fie foame pe tot timpul Curei, energizându-te și ajutându-ţi corpul să se concentreze mai bine pe alte activităţi mai importante – cum ar fi partea de auto-regenare. Toate (chiar și creierul) organele noastre știu și pot să facă asta. De aici ideea de stare primară ca efect a unei diete exclusive cu hrană primară. Corpul, în această stare de lipsă de bombardament alimentar fiind capabil să își aducă aminte că are înscris "undeva" acest proces de auto-refacer. Interesant, nu?

Zonar helps you to not be hungry during the Cure, energizing you and helping your body concentrate better on other, more important activities - like auto-regeneration. All our organs (even the brain) know that they can do this. This is the where the ideea of primary state comes, as an effect of a diet consisting exclusively of primary sustinence. The body, in this state that is lacking of nutritive bombardment, is capable of remembering this process of auto-regeneration. Interesting, isn't it?