Work out together with Zonar

Work out together with Zonar

Why is Zonar a good substitute for hydrating liquid - why is it a better hydrating liquid than water?

If you take care of your body and constantly go to the gym, you already know from your instructors how important hydration is. If you haven't noticed, all performance athletes hydrate themselves with special drinks that contain various substances that are necessary to enhance endurance and sustain the anabolic processes that form muscle mass. Even though water is crucial fro hydration, when your target is increasing endurance of your musculature to effort, you need a series of aminoacids to sustain the synthesis of proteins. The good news is that whey protein, which can be found in Zonar too, contains a series of branched chain aminoacids (leucine, isoleucine and valine), which is recommended as a substitute to hydrating liquid during your excersices, whether it's going to the gym, jobbing, aerobics or other activities that help you keep in shape.

How does Zonar act upon the muscles, how does it help you with endurance / resistance?

At first glance, you could say that only people who do performance sports need muscles. Completely incorrect. Muscle mass decreases with advancing age, but also when we don't submit effort. Inactivity leads to the atrophy of muscles, thus performing the most basic of activites becomes harder and harder: climbing stairs, walking fast or running to catch the bus. Both young and old people are affected by the lack of a corresponding muscle mass, and after a specific age, the risc of sarcopenia exists (loss of mass, strength and muscle function associated with the aging of the organism).

The increase of muscle mass is brought about by endurance training, however to obtain a proper muscle mass, it is needed for the muscle level protein synthesis to exceed the proteic catabolism of the muscles, and aminoacids are the key to success. Studies so far have proven that after endurance training the level of serum amino acids decreases, especially leucine and isoleucine, which makes dietetic suplimentation with leucine and other aminoacids necessary for the hypertrophic process to take place in optimal conditions.

Whey protein helps you develop your muscle mass and increase your resistance to effort without having the saturated fats and the cholesterol which can usually be found in meat proteins. The secret lies in the aminoacids contained by whey protein, especially branched-chain amino acids, out of which the most important is leucine. Many studies have proven that whey protein increases resitance to effort, especially when consumed close to the hours when physical effort takes place.

We have to remember theat simple ingestion of whey protein is not enough to increase muscle mass. A study from 1997 compared the effects of whey protein ingestion as opposed to combining it with physical excercises, and when the consumption of whey protein was followed by excercises, it was noticed that an increase of protein happened at the muscle tissue level (between 30-100%). This shows us how important the moment is when we consume the protein, in order to have its maximum benefits.

It is important to mention that a series of studies showed that a clear correspondence exists between the consumption of proteins and the increase of mucle mass, but the recommendation is that the ingestion of proteins to happen during training periods. This association is more important with advanced age, fact that has been proven by a study made on two groups of men with intense physical activity, 4 times a week. The first group supplemented with whey protein during training, while the second group continued without. Even though the quantity of ingested protein was the same for the members of both groups, in the case of the first group an increase in smooth muscle mass has been noticed throught 5 weeks. In the case of young men with no prior physical training, whey protein has proven to be more efficient in the increase of muscle mass during 2 weeks of training.