How does Zonar help with detoxification?

How does Zonar help with detoxification?

In recent years, detox cures have become more and more popular. There are a variety of options when it comes to detox diets, from short ones with shock-doses, moderate, or long ones, based on a single food item or more, fruit-only, juice-based, and the list goes on. Because of the high cysteine content, which is an indispensable aminoacid for the synthesis of glutathione, with a crucial role in the detoxification of the liver, but also because of lactoferrin, Zonar MilkSerum is recommended to be part of the dietary nutrition in the case of many illnesses, but also in the case of detox cures. To understand the way in which the whey protein (not whey) can help you in the detox process, let's briefly talk about how detoxification takes place.

The mechanism of detoxification

Detoxification is a process which our body does constantly, without us realizing it. The most important organ in the process of detoxification is the liver, inside which all the toxins go through a biotransformation process, which decomposes them and transforms them in less harmful compounds, facilitating their elimination from the body. Even though the liver plays the principal role in detoxification, the kidneys, the lungs, the intestines, the lymph and the skin take part in it also.

The detoxification process takes part in 3 phases, the first two in the liver, and the third one in the kidneys:

  1. Phase I – a series of enzimes get activated (called P450 cytochromes), which start the biotransformation process through the oxidation, reduction or the hydrolysis of toxins.
  2. Phase II – a series of conjugation reactions take part, which have the purpose of converting the biotransformed compounds from phase I into more harmless substances to be excreted or eliminated. The active enzymes from phase II can act directly upon the compounds which don't need the biotransformation phase.
  3. Phase III involves the transport and elimination of the toxins through the kidneys.

For our organism to be able to perform the detoxification process at the highest levels, we need to pay special attention to the nutrients that contain modulating enzymes, especially P450 cytochrome and inducting enzymes, Uridine 5'-diphospho-glucuronosyltransferase and glutathione S-transferase.

Glutathione and Zonar

In short: the Lactoferrin found in the MilkSerum is the best glutathione stimulator, period.

Glutathione is the most important intracellylary antioxidant, it is sometimes surnamed "the protein of life" or "the miracle antioxidant". It can be found in our body in two forms:

Oxidative stress represents an imbalance between the oxidative action of free radicals and the level of antioxidants in the body. Many studies have proven that oxidative stress determined by the glutathione defficit has an extremely important role in the pathology of many diseases, like: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cystic fibrosis, cancer, HIV, stroke, diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis and heart attack.

Glutathione is so important because it can be found abundantly inside of all cells from our body. It is not present almost at all on an extracellular level, the exception being some areas in the lungs, where there are very high concentrations of glutathione, which helps to neutralize the inhaled toxins and the free radicals produced by the pulmonary phagocytes.

Several studies have proven that through the consumption of MilkSerum the level of glutathione can be increased, which positively influences the amelioration of some diseases, like pulmonary cystic fibrosis.

Cu toate acestea, există o continuă dispută în rândul cercetătorilor în privinţa eficienţei curelor de detoxifiere, datorată în principal lipsei de studii făcute corect, care să ateste eficacitatea şi beneficiile asociate, dar şi efectele adverse asupra organismului, deoarece o cură de detoxifiere care nu oferă aportul nutriţional corect poate afecta buna funcţionare a metabolismului. De aceea este foarte important ca înainte de orice dietă de detoxifiere să ne informăm cât mai bine asupra reacţiilor pe care acesta le poate avea asupra corpului.

Nevertheless, an ongoing dispute exists amongst researchers regarding the efficiency of detox cures, mainly gue to the lack of correctly made studies which attest the effectiveness and the associated benefits, but also the adverse effects on the body, because a detoxification cure which does not offer a correct nutritional intake can affect the proper functioning of the metabolism. This is why it is very important, that before any detoxification diet, we are properly documented on the reactions that it can have upon the body.