"I put lots of things to eat in my hand, but I put them down and drank Zonar instead"

Cutoi Liana Crina
31 years
Why did you follow the Zonar Cure?
CLC: I followed the Cure to lose weight. I know that Zonar is not necessarily for this, but I can admit that I followed the Cure to lose weight.
How was it? Did everything go well?
CLC: I'm very satisfied! This Cure pleasantly surprised me. To me it seems incredible. I never followed a cure which yielded such visible results in so little time. And believe me, I followed a lot of weight loss diets in my life.
The majority of persons have problems in the first few days. How hard was it in your case? Was it hard during the cure?
CLC: For me it was hard in the beginning because I couldn't drink coffee. I didn't feel hunger, though I did have cravings. I was very ambitious!
What was the most difficult thing in the Cure?
CLC: That I couldn't drink coffee. It was only hard in the first few 2-3 days, until Zonar started to have effect. After about 3 days, the vitamins that it contains started to pump my organism and the sleepiness that was caused by the lack of coffee went away.
How many days did you follow the Cure?
CLC: I followed the Cure for 3 weeks and a bit.
Were you tempted to eat during the Cure? Did you eat something you shouldn't have during the cure?
CLC: Yes, obviously. I was tempted by lots of things. The temptation existed at every step. I remember taking a lot of things to eat in my hand, but I would put them down immediately and I would drink Zonar.
How did you fight your cravings?
CLC: By having an iron will.
How much weight did you lose?
CLC: I lost 12 kg, from 95kg down to 83kg.
What did your friends say when you told them about Zonar?
CLC: Nobody believed me. Honestly? I did not believe either that it will yield such results. It seems incredible, even now I'm surprised.