"I could not comprehend the possibility of living so many days only on Zonar"

Banhegyesi Lorant
51 years
Satu Mare
Why did you follow the Zonar Cure?
BL: I followed the Cure because I had gotten food poisoning.
How was it? Did everything go well?
BL: I followed the cure for 60 days. I lost about 18 kg, but I'm very satisfied. I've talked to Mr. Iuga too. I've had some problems, but I've recovered. He helped me a lot. I did gain the weight back, but I really don't regret following the Cure. I feel a lot better.
The majority of persons have problems in the first few days. How hard was it in your case? Was it hard during the cure?
BL: The first 3-4 days were the hardest for me. It was horrible. I thought I could not continue. I did not comprehend the possibility of living so many days only on Zonar. After the first 4 days, I started feeling better and went on. It was interesting, because later I realized that I could live only with Zonar even for a year.
What was the most difficult thing in the Cure?
BL: The most difficult thing was that I depended a lot on the toilet. That's it.
How many days did you follow the Cure?
BL: 60 days.
After how many days did you stop feeling effort and started feeling perfect during the cure?
BL: After 4 days. I was feeling very sick. I even threw up. But not from the taste or the smell, it just did not work for me.
Were you tempted to eat during the Cure? Did you eat something you shouldn't have during the cure?
BL: Of course I was tempted to eat. I did eat, I'm not denying it. But just a bit so I would get better.
How did you fight your cravings?
BL: I've imposed on myself that I will not eat. Sincerely, now I drink Zonar because I like it.
How much weight did you lose?
BL: I lost 18 kg.
Did you take medical tests before and after the Cure?
BL: I took medical tests before starting. After that I saw the changes on myself. I feel a lot better.
What did your friends say when you told them about Zonar?
BL: When my friends first heard of what I have done, they started to laugh. But after that they said they were happy that I'm happy and healthy. And they thought about starting the Cure too. About 4 friends of mine started. Others did not believe me. But it also depends on what kind of person they are and how resistant they are. I've been to parties too and I've abstained from eating and drinking. I've had a strong character! I've even quit smoking for a year and a half now. Zonar is very good. I'm going to call Mr. Iuga up right now and order some more Zonar. Now I drink it because I like it.